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I'm Alexis, the fearless owner/maker/delivery driver/handy woman/proud native Midwesterner of Black Cat Kitchen. In December 2016 I attended the dreamy Icelandic wedding of two of my closest friends. After the last minute cancellation of the private chef, I volunteered to step in and lead the charge to create the traditional, intimate wedding dinner they'd been hoping for. With the help of every guest in attendance (all 22 of us!) the candles were lit, the table was set and bellies were filled. That extraordinary night in a fishing lodge full of good food, strong drinks and the best people was just the beginning.

I opened Black Cat Kitchen in January of 2018 to fulfill my deep desire of creating those special moments for others. Time spent working at farmers markets around the city has established my full on infatuation with cooking food that honors and elevates simple + local + sustainable ingredients and that most importantly, makes people happy. I'm excited for the opportunity to share delicious food with you and to make your next gathering a thoughtful and positive experience.

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